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CeramTec guest speaker at the Porzellanikon, the “State Museum of Porcelain”

Ceramic Experts take part in
“Talk at the Porzellanikon”

Marktredwitz, 2015-11-02

The panel discussion titled “Ceramics – Quo Vadis?” in October was the first in a series of events to be held at the Porzellanikon, the “State Museum of Porcelain” in Selb. The museum is hosting the “Talk at the Porzellanikon” as a forum for dialog, meeting and raising awareness of the future of ceramics in all dimensions and facets so that ceramics can be experienced instead of just exhibited.

The round of discussions among high-ranking representatives from industry, education and design at the kick-off event on October 8th offered the audience exciting insights into studios, production technology and diverse markets and applications for ceramic materials and products. Ceramics are much more than tea cups and dinner plates: They are significant in many dimensions in Europe – as materials for technological development, as products for domestic and industrial use, and in art and design.

German ceramics manufacturers are successful on an international stage thanks to their innovative design solutions, sophisticated logistics concepts, highly-mechanized production and brand awareness – and Bavaria is a leader in the field of technical ceramics. For this reason, Peter Strِtgen, VP Operations Medical Products Division, and a representative of CeramTec GmbH from the Marktredwitz site were invited to discuss the current and potential future applications with advanced ceramics, especially in the medical engineering sector.

The successful debut of “Talk at the Porzellanikon” will be followed by other events at the Porzellanikon Selb. They are part of “Creative Europe”, an EU program, and the funded project “Ceramics and its Dimensions”. The Porzellanikon Selb is located at the former site of the Rosenthal factory, which closed down in 1969. The 8,000 sqm converted industrial site is now home to three different museums.