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Milling and hard turning with SPK® cutting ceramics and tool systems

SPK® Seminar Program Metal Machining

Ebersbach, 2015-07-31

CeramTec will be hosting two seminars on milling and hard turning with SPK® cutting materials and tool systems. The one-day seminars in german-language focus on cutting theory, ceramic, PCBN and Cermets cutting materials, cutting insert geometries as well as metal machining processes and applications.

Today, competitive machining means looking at all aspects of the cutting process. The operator’s expertise is the key focus during the individual worksteps because without this it is not possible to design efficient and economical machining processes that meet the required quality standards.

CeramTec is offering two seminars that will expand and deepen participants’ knowledge in the field of milling cast iron workpieces and turning hardened components – from soft pre-cutting to finish turning with hardened materials. The topics offer a good mix of theory and practice with hands-on examples as well as tips and tricks for daily work. Both seminars will be held in german-language in the training rooms and test center of CeramTec’s SPK Cutting Tools division in Ebersbach an der Fils.