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A look behind the scenes at CeramTec vocational training

Successful Second Training Evening

Plochingen, 2015-07-20

Hot summer temperatures didn’t stop around 85 visitors from coming to the second CeramTec “Training Evening ” to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Ceramic Experts’ vocational training programs in Plochingen. Instead of spending the hot summer evening at the pool, students and parents from the region came to the event to learn more about the training programs offered at CeramTec in commercial and technical fields.

The trainers were joined by CeramTec industrial mechanic trainees who presented their project work and test pieces, showed the visitors the various machines and gave them a tour of the training workshop. The students took orientation tests with questions such as “What are my personal strengths?” or “In which occupational field can I use my talents?” to see which careers fit them best. They could even have their application materials checked and get tips and learn tricks on how to optimize CVs, cover letters and more.

However, the most frequently asked question of the evening was once again: “What is ceramic?”. This question was answered in an interesting, in-depth and hands-on way using numerous samples of materials and substances. A lead employee from CeramTec’s research and development department challenged participants to a game of table hockey on tiny little ceramic balls and explained the manufacturing process for advanced ceramics with the aid of detailed infographics.

Will there be a third Training Evening next year after last year’s premiere and this year’s successful sequel? The answer is most likely “Yes”. And if temperatures are so hot again in the summer of 2016, there will be another well-stocked icebox to provide the necessary cooling.