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Boosting precision and productivity in highfeed, plunge and helix milling

SPK® SPEEDMAX High-Feed Milling Cutter

Ebersbach, 2015-05-08

Using ceramic cutting materials combined with a special geometrical design of the milling cutter, the new SPK® SPEEDMAX helps achieve considerably higher cutting data and significant time savings in the face milling of cast iron workpieces. High feed speeds increase output per unit of time, thereby reducing machine utilization times and freeing up additional production capacity.

These benefits add up, resulting in both increased productivity and measurably lower costs. The SPK® SPEEDMAX milling system delivers convincing performance with cutting data of vc=1,500 m/min, fz=0.2 to 0.4 mm at a maximum depth of cut of up to 2.4 mm. It also offers impressive precision in helix and circular milling. With its high accuracy in radial and axial run-out and the application of inserts with ZZ geometry, SPK® SPEEDMAX can even do semi-finishing in a single process – with surface qualities up to an Ra value of 6.3 µm.

The SPK® SPEEDMAX milling cutter thus covers a very wide range of applications for cast iron materials, from single part to mass production. The system comes in standard versions with 63, 80 and 100 mm diameter. Special diameters are available on request.