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Cast iron workpieces with super-fine finishing surfaces up to Ra = 0.5 µm

SPK® SUPERFINMILL for Face-finish Milling

Ebersbach, 2015-03-26

The new SPK® SUPERFINMILL milling system achieves surface qualities up to Ra = 0.5 µm in face-finish milling. This is possible thanks to a combination of fixed and adjustable cutting insert seats. One to three seats can be adjusted, depending on the cutter diameter.

The milling cutter is equipped with wiper cutting inserts with ZZ geometry or standard inserts made of ceramic, PcBN or cermets. Mixed configuration options enable the milling cutter to achieve finishing surfaces of Ra = 0.5 µm. This is accomplished by equipping fixed seats with advanced ceramic cutting materials. The adjustable seats are set 0.03 mm higher and feature PcBN inserts with wiper geometries.

Moreover, this system also significantly reduces cutting material costs thanks to the mixed configuration options, especially since it also works with indexable cutting inserts with eight cutting surfaces. CeramTec offers the SPK® SUPERFINMILL milling cutter in the 63 to 250 mm standard version; special diameters are available on request.

Cutting ceramics combined with matching clamping systems ensure high productivity and minimal production costs for turning, milling and boring cast iron and turning hardened steels.