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First ever SPK® milling workshop with plenty of enthusiastic customers

Positive Response to SPK® Workshop

Ebersbach, 2015-01-15

For an entire day in November, the Ebersbach site was abuzz with excitement: Invited guests received a detailed introduction to milling with SPK® cutting ceramics.

The 33 participants from 12 companies in the metal machining industry received a solid introduction to the technical and economic advantages that milling cast iron materials with ceramic, PcBN and cermet cutting materials can offer and what the new SPK® milling series generation can deliver in terms of performance.

In addition to exchanges with SPK® machining experts and colleagues from the industry and discussions regarding issues with specific machining tasks, various live demonstrations of milling operations took place in the SPK® test center along with a tour of the production facilities used to manufacture ceramic cutting materials for the metal machining industry.

The positive feedback received both during and after the workshop confirmed the CeramTec SPK® Solution Team’s commitment to offer these types of workshops on a regular basis in the future.