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Manufacturer of advanced ceramics supports regional charities

CeramTec donates to Weihnachtshilfswerk

Lauf, 2015-01-02

Christmas is a time of enchantment, culinary delights and contemplation. CeramTec in Lauf wants to do something good again this Christmas, which is why the company decided to make a €2,500 donation to the Weihnachtshilfswerk Christmas Charity in Lauf.

The renowned manufacturer of advanced ceramics has a tradition of supporting regional charities like Weihnachtshilfswerk or the Lauf Children’s Fund.

CTO Sigurd Adler, together with HR Manager Ruth Librandi and Works Council Chairman Jürgen Haas of the Lauf site, presented this year’s donation of €2,500 to Weihnachtshilfswerk. Benedikt Bisping, Mayor of Lauf, accepted the check on behalf of the organization. “Supporting people in need, especially those in our community, is something that is very important to us,” said Sigurd Adler. There is no doubt that the donation will be put to good use: “Just yesterday a father came to me to say thank you for the support his family received from Weihnachtshilfswerk,” explained a delighted Benedikt Bisping.

Weihnachtshilfswerk was established in 1946 to support citizens of the city of Lauf who are experiencing hardship through no fault of their own. Over the years, the donations have helped provide needed assistance to hundreds of families, children and elderly citizens. The financial support makes everyday life a little bit easier for recipients. It helps large families pay for Christmas presents for their children, or enables them to buy much-needed items of clothing, for example.