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Stuttgart “Product and Poetry” art project showcases CeramTec bioceramics

BIOLOX® and the Cradle of Human Evolution

Plochingen, 2014-12-01

© Text: Oliver W. Schwarzmann, collage: Nick Bley, picture: CeramTec GmbH, registered artwork ID 540C405EA45DD

What does walking upright have to do with ceramics? What do screws have in common with loyalty? Can adhesive tape be a measure of success? The answers to these and many more questions are at the heart of the “Product and Poetry” art project: Well over 140 word image collages explore the balance between function and poetry to provide unusual perspectives of industrial products.

The idea behind the project is to detach industrial products from how they are commonly perceived and put them in an unfamiliar context. Publicist Oliver Schwarzmann and Designer Nick Bley blended industrial product designs with lyrical texts to form a word image collage. The product images were not altered in the process. The initiators mainly selected product designs from their home of Baden-Württemberg because they also wanted the project to be an homage to Baden-Württemberg entrepreneurship.

They contacted Daimler-Benz, Porsche, Würth, Metabo, Stihl, Junghans and many other world-renowned corporations, including CeramTec, asking the company if it would be interested in providing one if its BIOLOX® ball heads for their project. The advanced ceramics solution for hip joint replacement systems was paired with a lyrical text with the headline “The Cradle of Human Evolution”. In mid-September the project, which was originally only available in digital form, was part of a one-month exhibition at the Stuttgart “Haus der Wirtschaft” economic center. An additional, longer exhibition is planned for 2015.