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CeraNews goes mobile

Plochingen, 2014-11-26

Beginning immediately, “CeraNews”, the established magazine for orthopedists, will available as an eMagazine, “CeraNews Online”, and as a “CeraNews App” as part of a new service offered by the CeramTec Medical Products division. The app is available free of charge for mobile iOS and Android devices. It offers access to all CeraNews archives from the past two years and is regularly updated with the latest issue of CeraNews in a range of languages.

CeraNews is an established, recognized magazine in the international orthopedic community that deals with clinical and mechanical topics related to artificial hip joint replacements. Featuring interviews with leading international physicians, author contributions, professional articles and reports, CeraNews has found its place among the leading technical publications and is a frequently quoted reference source.

The magazine is distributed globally to orthopedists and specialists and at the many conferences and trade fairs around the world. CeraNews is one of the select medical technology trade journals that is read and quoted by health authorities and research institutes (e.g. Fraunhofer).