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CeramTec trainee completes training program as the best in all of Bavaria

“Bavaria’s Best” Trainee from CeramTec

Marktredwitz, 2014-11-19

The Upper Franconian Chamber of Commerce (IHK) in Bayreuth held a ceremony to honor graduates from the IHK’s Marktredwitz-Selb region who had successfully completed the IHK training and qualification exams. One of CeramTec’s own, a trainee from the Marktredwitz site, received a very special award as the best training program graduate in all of Bavaria.

Marco Fürst completed his training as an industrial mechanic specializing in precision instrument engineering at CeramTec’s Marktredwitz site and received the highest grades of any trainee in the entire state of Bavaria. He was named “Bavaria’s Best”in honor of this outstanding achievement. Marktredwitz Mayor Oliver Weigel also congratulated him with a special gift. Thomas Arlt, also an industrial mechanic specializing in precision instrument engineering at CeramTec, likewise received an award for outstanding grades on his exams.

Trainers and HR staff at CeramTec are very proud of these successful graduates and the awards they have received. Both former trainees now work as specialists responsible for important tasks at the CeramTec site in Marktredwitz. It remains to be seen whether a CeramTec trainee will again receive an award for such success in completing the vocational training program. But the chances are quite good: This year alone, 48 new trainees launched their careers with the ceramic experts in 12 skilled trades at German CeramTec sites.