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Donation in kind for vocational school Marktredwitz

Piston Pump Model for Industrial Mechanics

Marktredwitz, 2014-11-17

Glad to support teaching activities at the vocational school: Franz-Josef Köstler and Jürgen Christl (CeramTec) with
Hans Ottmar Donnert, Erwin Kuhbandner (CeramTec) and Dietmar Föhst (from right).

The industrial mechanic department of the the local vocational school Marktredwitz received a donation in kind to enhance the learning environment: CeramTec Marktredwitz provided a piston pump worth EUR 3,000 to be used as a demonstration model.

It will help the future industrial mechanics get a detailed understanding of how a piston pump is structured and works with its various components. The goal is for the students to be able to maintain a pump, find and analyze faults, and read and understand the associated technical drawings and operating instructions.

At the presentation of the model the School Director Hans Ottmar Donnert and the Industrial Mechanic Technical Supervisor Dietmar Föhst thanked the ceramic experts for the donation, which was the first of its kind also in terms of its value, and expressed their hope that the vocational school would be supported in the future in a similar way by other regional companies with modern, practice-oriented instruction material.

CeramTec takes its training programs very seriously, the dual apprenticeship program is an important building block in HR development as it ensures enough qualified workers in the future. That's why CeramTec invests also in its own training infrastructure: the new and expanded training workshop at the Marktredwitz site opend in February this year.