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Experience exchange: “Advanced materials as innovation drivers”

Experience Exchange – New Materials

Plochingen, 2014-10-27

On November 24, CeramTec in Plochingen will host an experience exchange for technical executives. The topic of the meeting of experts is: New materials and light-weight design as a magic technological formula – “Advanced materials as innovation drivers”. Contact the event organizer Kontaktwerk if you are interested in attending.

Kontaktwerk organizes events where SMEs can meet to share information and experience. The event focuses on current issues and provides participants from industry and business impetus with a wide variety of exciting ideas.

Experience exchange

New materials and light-weight design as a magic technological formula

“Advanced materials as innovation drivers”
Experience exchange for technical executives
Monday, November 24, 2014, 4pm
CeramTec Platz 1–9, 73207 Plochingen, Germany

One of the strengths of the economy in Southwestern Germany is the close collaboration between universities, applied research and leading development departments in technology-oriented SMEs. New technological possibilities resulting from material research lead to a variety of new composites and materials. This opens up entirely new doors in product development, design and production, while securing the future. Experts will introduce various developments and product examples in the experience exchange: “Advanced materials as innovation drivers”.

There will be presentations on the possibilities of technical ceramics by Dr. Gert Richter (CeramTec), Dr. Stefan Wagner from the Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU) in Stuttgart will discuss steel as a material undergoing change and Simon Brückmann from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) will conclude by offering ideas and impetus on light-weight design. There will be plenty of time afterward to answer questions and share experience.


Light-weight design and new materials as a magic technological formula

  • Technical ceramics as pioneering materials
    Dr. Gert Richter, CeramTec GmbH, Head of Nitride Development
  • Steel: A material undergoing change
    New sheet metal materials, body concepts, composite construction, intelligent light-weight design, further developments, substitution with CFRP
    Dr.-Ing. Stefan Wagner, Institute for Metal Forming Technology (IFU), University of Stuttgart
  • How “light-weight design” is changing the world of production and products
    Consequences of light-weight design and material substitutions for production methods, machine technology, products and customers
    Simon Brückmann, DLR, Institute of Vehicle Concepts, Lightweight and Hybrid Design Methods

You will find all the details and ways to sign up for the experience exchange at The number of participants is limited; Kontaktwerk GmbH reserves the right to make the final decision.