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Inauguration festivities at CeramTec Lauf

Inauguration of “CeramTec-Platz” in Lauf

Lauf, 2014-09-22

September 20th was a celebration day for CeramTec in Lauf with the inauguration of “CeramTec-Platz”. Located at the intersection of Herrmannstrasse and Friedhofsstrasse it will mark a second and newly designed entrance area for the CeramTec facilities, and also serve as a direct point of access to the Medical Engineering division. The area was the result of measures to expand the site, in which CeramTec invested 15 million euros to complete.

Inauguration of “CeramTec-Platz” in Lauf: Sigurd Adler (CTO CeramTec), Rolf-Michael Müller (CFO CeramTec), Heinrich Wecker (Division Manager Medical Engineering), Benedikt Bisping (Mayor of the City of Lauf), Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann (CEO CeramTec) und Armin Kroder (Nürnberger Land District Administrator)

The investments in Lauf focused on the new construction of the Cyrol® bearing roller production plant and the likewise newly founded Medical Engineering division. The aim of this new division is to drive innovations in medical engineering that have positioned CeramTec as an international leader in this sector. With over 40 years of experience in the field of hip arthroplasty, ceramic BIOLOX® components are now used in more than every other hip joint replacement implanted globally. On average, a CeramTec component is implanted in a patient every 30 seconds worldwide. Now the new facilities in Lauf will be used to transfer the success of this ceramic material to other implant components such as shoulder prostheses, spinal column implants and small joints.

Heinrich Wecker, head of the new CeramTec Medical Engineering division, presenting a ceramic shoulder joint implant prototype

The inauguration of CeramTec-Platz was therefore a worthy occasion to celebrate the shared successes of the past and the good prospects for the future as a result of the expansion of the Lauf site. So CeramTec invited its employees and their families to come and celebrate this special day together. The presence of the City of Lauf Mayor, the Nürnberger Land District Administrator and other local politicians at the festivities made it very clear that the commitment and investments are appreciated well beyond the company’s borders and considered a positive stimulus for the region.

Inauguration of “CeramTec Platz” in Lauf

CeramTec celebrates site expansion with company festivity

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