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CeramTec as an integrated process supplier in metal machining

SPK® Solution Team solves Machining Tasks

Whenever serious issues and production problems arise in the machining process, the CeramTec SPK® Solution Team is available to help. When a cutting tool does not work as expected, the machining process does not deliver the desired results in terms of tool life, service life or quality, when production quantities are too small due to inadequate cutting parameters and existing production capacities thus reach their limits, it’s time to contact the internationally strategically located members of the CeramTec SPK® Solution Team.

Field service technicians, process and design engineers offer customers rapid support for problem solving, optimization or process restructuring tasks in metal machining. The spectrum of tasks ranges from defining cutting materials and determining cutting geometries to drafting processing plans, time and profitability calculations all the way to designing special tools and clarifying the positioning of the workpiece. However, the SPK® Solution Team’s machining experts can also assist customers with new component machining designs and are willing to answer any questions related to the machining process.