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CeramTec Marktredwitz site invests in future employees

New Training Workshop Opening

Marktredwitz, 2014-02-17


A company that wants to assert itself in a market where qualified professionals and trainees are in short supply needs to stand out from other employers and offer unmatched opportunities. For this reason, CeramTec has steadily increased its commitment to the training sector. Now, an expanded training workshop opened at the Marktredwitz site, providing even more space for trainees and new machines.

A considerably larger, two-story training workshop currently accommodates 30 commercial/technical trainees and provides space for 40 in the near future. Other additions include a new lounge and training room on the ground floor with computer study stations and modern media technology. Along with new workbenches, new, modern processing machines have been placed in the new rooms. The already existing work stations were modernized and integrated into the new concept. These updates have not just created ten additional spots for trainees. The work stations are now designed to also be more ergonomically-correct and efficient.

The current expansion of the training sector goes hand in hand with the site expansion, which kicked off last year. Approximately 80 million euros will be invested into the CeramTec plant in Marktredwitz by 2015, creating an additional 120 jobs. The large construction site to be seen at the CeramTec plant is intended to increase the capacities of the Medical Products division. Therefore, it is only logical that CeramTec would invest in the training workshop and in future employees. By taking these steps, the company is reflecting the fact that the Medical Products division in particular, located in Marktredwitz, represents a steadily growing market and needs more and more skilled employees. To not only bring in professionals from outside the company, CeramTec focuses on attracting young people to the company with hands-on experience and excellent chances for a permanent position following the training program.

Such foresight has benefited both sides for years. Traditionally, the CeramTec trainees have completed their training programs with above-average test scores. They feel in good hands in the company thanks to the seven full-time staff members who are partially employed as instructors. In addition, 35 other training supervisors work at the site. Moreover, CeramTec is represented at the review boards for the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (IHK), the trainee task force, and the trade school advisory board. Training opportunities are posted once a year, and only for those professions that have a need for employees beyond the training program. This demand-based training shows the trainees from the get-go that the company counts on them after their final exam. 17 new hires are scheduled to begin on September 1st, the start of the training year.

Worth knowing:

CeramTec Training Program

  • Trainees at CeramTec GmbH in Germany: 128
  • Trainees at the Marktredwitz Site: 42
    • 6 Industrial Clerks
    • 2 Technical Product Designers – Mechanical and Design Engineering
    • 5 Industrial Electronics Engineers
    • 24 Industrial Mechanics
    • 3 Industrial Ceramics Specialists – Plant Engineering
    • 1 Computer Science Specialist – Systems Integration
    • 1 Bachelor of Engineering – with a major in Mechanical Engineering
  • The size of the former training workshop, including the lounge and training room, has doubled
  • CeramTec for Trainees