2014 news archive

Past News from the Ceramic Experts

CeramTec news from past years: Messages from 2014.

Date News Location
2014-12-15 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year CeramTec Group
2014-12-01 BIOLOX® and the Cradle of Human Evolution Plochingen
2014-11-26 CeraNews goes mobile Plochingen
2014-11-24 2nd Place at “Tool-Maker of the Year” Competition Lauf
2014-11-19 “Bavaria’s Best” Trainee from CeramTec Marktredwitz
2014-11-17 Piston Pump Model for Industrial Mechanics Marktredwitz
2014-11-10 CeramCool® Searchlights help save Lives Plochingen
2014-10-31 Advanced Ceramics in the Hunt for Comets Lauf
2014-10-27 Experience Exchange – New Materials Plochingen
2014-09-30 Dominique Janbon appointed as Group CFO CeramTec Group
2014-09-25 Production Hall for Medical Products inaugurated Marktredwitz
2014-09-22 Inauguration of “CeramTec-Platz” in Lauf Lauf
2014-09-15 SPK® Solution Team solves Machining Tasks Ebersbach
2014-09-11 Training Start 2014 at CeramTec CeramTec Group
2014-08-25 CeramTec Training Evening Premiere Plochingen
2014-08-11 Donation for local Children’s Fund Lauf a.d. Pegnitz
2014-07-28 Stuttgart Surface Technology Award for BIOLOX® Plochingen
2014-07-24 Donation for local Non-Profit Organization Marktredwitz
2014-06-09 Expert Study on the Future of ceramic Materials Plochingen
2014-05-30 Potential to reduce CO2 Emissions by 21,000 t Marktredwitz
2014-05-05 CeramTec receives “senetics Innovation-Award” Plochingen
2014-04-14 Silicon Nitride Ceramics for Roller Bearing Technology Lauf
2014-02-17 New Training Workshop Opening Marktredwitz
2014-02-10 CeramTec to expand Laurens County Facility Laurens, SC
2014-02-03 Technical Ceramics for Olympic Ski Jumping in Sochi Lohmar
2014-01-27 Technical Ceramics on a Space Exploration Mission Plochingen
2014-01-15 ALOSLIDE® for the German Sports and Olympics Museum Lohmar
2014-01-09 CeramTec supports Christmas Charity "Weihnachtshilfswerk” in Lauf Lauf
2014-01-06 Christian Strüver succeeds Roland Werner as Divison Manager Lauf