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Advanced ceramics meets winter sports again

Ceramic sliding Surfaces for the next Generation
of Curling Stones

CeramTec ETEC is the new sponsoring partner to the German Curling Association (DCV). The ceramic experts will make their first appearance to a broader audience as the DCV’s partner and an event sponsor at the World Curling Federation’s (WCF) Olympic Qualification Event, which will take place from December 10. to 15. in Füssen, Germany. And they are bringing the latest technology along with them: Curling stone sliding surfaces made from ceramics, for improved competitiveness on the ice.

Curling stones, and their sliding surfaces in particular, are subject to continuous wear due the manner in which they are used. The greater the wear on the sliding surfaces, the less consistent and controllable the curl – individual athletic performance can suffer as a result. To counteract these effects the experts at CeramTec developed sliding surfaces made of ceramic:

“Several informative discussions with athletes and the DCV helped us come up with the idea of replacing the traditional granite sliding surface of the curling stones with advanced ceramics. Thanks to its wear resistance and hardness, this material helps level the playing field for every athlete.”

Christian Klein, CeramTec-ETEC

The ceramic experts have already successfully tested the prototypes in Füssen and even convinced members of the WCF Executive Board with their product presentation. Athletes and even spectators will be able to try the new technology out for themselves at the event.

This is not the first time the CeramTec ceramic experts has played a key role in promoting winter sports. CeramTec-ETEC also manufactured ALOSLIDE® ceramic inrun tracks for a number of international ski jumps – including the ones in Bischofshofen, Klingenthal and more recently for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

“We want to use our innovations in a variety of areas and take on projects outside of the usual realm. I’m certain that curling is the right sport for us and look forward to furthering the partnership between CeramTec and the DCV to promote new advances and set new standards.”

Christian Klein, CeramTec-ETEC