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CeramTec supports social projects at company sites

Social commitment with a local focus –
Donations presented to charities in October


“As a local business it’s important for us to support the region, its facilities and social projects in a focused way. CeramTec is a future-oriented company, so it makes sense for us to do all we can to help children. After all, they are our future.”

Sigurd Adler, CTO

The CeramTec Group is committed to supporting social projects at its company sites that benefit the region. Each company site decides how the annual budget for this will be used for the region.

For example, in 2013 CeramTec donated € 2,500 to the Lauf Children’s fund at the Lauf location and a total of € 4,500 to support local preschools at the Marktredwitz site, contributing € 500 to each of the nine facilities.

€ 2,500 in Donations presented to the Children’s Fund in Lauf

CeramTec is supporting the Lauf Children’s Fund, an organization the city established in 2009, with a donation of € 2,500 this year. The money from this fund will help children from economically disadvantaged homes pay for or supplement school lunches, trips to “Landschulheim” education centers, visits to a music school or preschool tuition. A total of 24 children have benefited from the program thus far.

“We are especially happy to be able to actively support children in our city. The donation allows us to contribute to helping ensure that every child has an equal chance at success and benefits from the same opportunities, regardless of their parents’ incomes.”

Sigurd Adler, CTO

Lauf city mayor Benedikt Bisping expressed heartfelt thanks both to CeramTec and Sigurd Adler. Bisping launched the initiative, so it is particularly important to him.

“The Children’s Fund helps bring us one step closer to our goal stating that ‘no child in our city should live in poverty’. The money that has been donated will primarily be used for projects in the area near the CeramTec site, in order to strengthen ties between the advanced ceramics manufacturer and its neighbors.”

Benedikt Bisping, Mayor of Lauf an der Pegnitz

€ 4,500 in donations presented to preschools in Marktredwitz


“This year’s donation demonstrates our active commitment to supporting educational facilities in the city so that our children are better prepared for their future.”

Sigurd Adler, CTO

The CeramTec site in Marktredwitz decided to support local preschools this year: They received a total of € 4,500. Representatives from each of the respective preschools attended the event along with two or three children from their schools and were presented with donation checks. A special, directly tangible bonus for the kids: Each child was also able to pick a game to keep for their preschool.