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CeramTec realigns product management for SPK® cutting ceramics and tools

Machining with Advanced Ceramic Cutting Materials for various Industry Segments

“Our product management realignment efforts are aimed at further increasing our proximity to customers and offering them machining solutions that bring significant added value to their daily activities. This is why we have consistently aligned our product management with the industry segments we deliver solutions to.”

Götz Griesmayr, Division Manager

Increasing complexity, ever shorter product cycles and growing productivity and cost pressure: Businesses must be adaptable in order to meet the challenging demands of industries – and machining is no exception. To guarantee its customers the highest quality and utmost expertise, the CeramTec SPK Cutting Tool division has realigned its product management.

“The decision to reorganize the SPK® product management was definitely the right one. Ceramic cutting materials and tools systems still leave plenty of room for innovative cutting and machining applications in industry segments such as mechanical engineering, automotive engineering or wind power.”

Frank Höing, Segment “Automotive Motor”
and “Systems and Mechanical Engineering”

Responsible for the realigned SPK® product management is Frank Höing. He was appointed at the start of the year as a result of his over 20 years of machining experience in a broad range of fields and long-standing service to the SPK® engineering department. In addition to heading product management, Mr. Höing is also Product Manager for the automotive motor and systems and mechanical engineering segments.

“Our advanced ceramics cutting materials, cutting material coatings and cutting geometries offer endless possibilities for further optimizing hard turning operations and creating ultra-productive solutions for our customers.”

Alexander Kiemele, Segment “Precision Tools”

Alexander Kiemele will take over product management for precision tools designed to maximize hard machining performance for transmissions, drives and bearings. His expert knowledge is enhanced by a solid foundation based on years of practical experience in machining. For example with full-faced inserts for hard turning or solid PcBN versions that enable customers to implement highly efficient and completely novel machining strategies.

“My current area of responsibility and the new product management tasks complement each other perfectly thanks to the very promising developments taking place in the fields of ceramic cutting materials, coatings and tool systems, especially in mass and large series-scale machining.”

Johannes Schneider, Segment “Vehicles/Chassis”

Strategic Marketing Manager Johannes Schneider is also taking over product management for the Vehicles/Chassis segment, which encompasses core components for the automotive, transport, agricultural and construction machine segments.