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CeramTec presents extended zirconia color palette for dental ceramics at the IDS

Naturally beautiful Teeth made from highly translucent Zirconia

Dental ceramics: Crowns made of colored zirconia

The Ceramic Experts are presenting blanks made from highly translucent zirconia in a color palette with twelve new colors at the International Dental Show (IDS), the world’s leading trade fair for the dental sector. By offering a larger selection of colors CeramTec is addressing customers’ wishes and providing a product that has a very natural and attractive appearance.

„Blanks made from highly translucent zirconia in a color palette with twelve new colors.“

Pre-colored blanks are common on the market and support dental technicians in restorative dentistry to achieve a homogenous coloring of the artificial teeth. The best results are achieved when the metal oxides used for coloring are already introduced during zirconia powder production. However, until recently, the color palettes available for this were limited to a few shades of yellow and brown.

Dental ceramics: Blanks made from highly translucent zirconia and an extended color palette with twelve new colors

Through development work and the use of rare earths CeramTec has succeeded – on the basis of the existing yellow color shade – to develop new colors with color gradations of red and grey with a high homogeneity. The new color palette for the highly translucent material enables CeramTec to meet the demands of this market. Also the development of custom colors for major customers is possible now.

In addition to its excellent aesthetics, zirconia is a material that also offers impressive physical properties such as high final densities of over 6.07 g/cm3 and a fine structure of approximately 0.4 microns. The material’s good milling capability means that it is also possible to produce thin wall thicknesses. The individual shrinkage specifications for each blank enable highest fitting accuracy for dental restorations.

CeramTec now has the largest color palette of pre-colored zirconia blanks of any manufacturer worldwide with these new colors. This makes it much easier to get natural and more aesthetic results for dental restorations – even for work without veneering.