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ALOSLIDE® ICE Advanced Ceramic makes Debut in Oberstdorf

Perfect opening Event at Four Hills Tournament on CeramTec Ceramic Track System

CeramTec-ETEC used a large screen and ALOSLIDE® sample tracks to present this innovative system to athletes and officials in the “Oberstdorf Haus”.

Following their decision to convert the giant jump (HS 137) and install CeramTec's proven ALOSLIDE® ICE ceramic inrun track system last year, those responsible for planning the jump in Oberstdorf were finally able to watch as this innovative system made its debut at the practice jumping event to open the 2012/2013 Four Hills Tournament. And: The new ski jump passed its first major test with flying colors. The track was excellent, and the background technology (cooling, track preparation, etc.) worked flawlessly. The result: Anders Jacobsen put on an amazing show in Oberstdorf and celebrated his first victory since his comeback.

The first event on this new track was the perfect occasion for CeramTec to set up a “big screen” and present its ALOSLIDE® system in the “Oberstdorf Haus”. The ceramic experts from CeramTec-ETEC answered questions, showcased ALOSLIDE® sample tracks and provided additional information at a location right next to the International Ski Federation's (FIS) registration center managed by Ski Jumping Race Director Walter Hofer, where all athletes and officials involved in the ski jumping tournament were welcomed. Visitors got to see how “their” jump in Oberstdorf was converted in stages on a large 3x4 meter screen.

Joachim Winterlich explains the advantages of the ceramic ALOSLIDE® inrun track system to Norway's head coach Alexander Stöckl.

Russia's head coach Alexander Arefiev with Serge Sudkow, Finland's head coach Pekka Niemelä and the head coaches of the Norwegian and Austrian teams, Alexander Stöckl and Alexander Pointer, were among the many interested guests who watched the presentation.

The 61st Four Hills Ski Jumping Tournament was a highly televised event and drew large crowds to the stadiums. Even though the German ski jumpers didn't win a medal in the overall standings, the event was watched by more viewers on TV and ski jumping fans at the tournament than in a long time. In Germany alone, an average of 5.59 million people watched ARD and ZDF's live coverage of the competition, which took place in Oberstdorf, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Innsbruck and Bischofshofen (where the ALOSLIDE® ceramic track system has already been installed for years).

Russia's head coach Alexander Arefiev (left) and Serge Sudkow greet long-time coach Joachim Winterlich, now a consultant for ALOSLIDE®; right-hand side: Irene Kropp from CeramTec-ETEC

Experts in ski jumping: (from left) Joachim Winterlich, Austria's head coach Alexander Pointer, ALOSLIDE® Project Manager Eduard Kropp and Austrian Ski Association President Ernst Vettori.

Carefully examining ALOSLIDE®: Finland's head coach Pekka Niemelä

Tournament President Alfons Schranz (Innsbruck) also had many positive things to say: “The 61st Four Hills Tournament was a resounding success. The organization was perfect in spite of the very unusual weather conditions. The excellent TV ratings along with the amazing atmosphere at the locations show that this tournament is truly a major event in professional sports. This is where ski jumping history is being written more than anywhere else.”

ALOSLIDE® advanced ceramic stars on TV again

Coordinating the next take with
Dieter Effenberger (right) and Eduard Kropp

Dieter Effenberger positions ceramic samples for filming; in the background, WDR editor Carsten Lenz (left) and Eduard Kropp.

The broadcaster Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) visited the CeramTec site in Lohmar a few days prior to the opening event of the Four Hills Tournament. ALOSLIDE® Project Manager Eduard “Eddy” Kropp and CeramTec-ETEC Managing Director Dieter Effenberger told WDR all about this “miracle ceramic” for ski jumpers and the advantages it offers. WDR editor Carsten Lenz and his colleagues asked Kropp and Effenberger questions and then showed viewers part of the production process for the ceramic nubs used in the ALOSLIDE® inrun track system. WDR aired the segment on its Bonn and Cologne stations as part of its “Lokalzeit” show on December 29.