2013 news archive

Past News from the Ceramic Experts

CeramTec news from past years: Messages from 2013.

Date News Location
2013-12-16 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year CeramTec Group
2013-12-09 Ceramic sliding Surfaces for the next Generation of Curling Stones Lohmar
2013-12-02 CeramTec Subsidiary in India has relocated Panaji - Goa
2013-11-26 PERLUCOR transparent Ceramics recieve innovation Award at Compamed Lohmar
2013-11-25 Change of Names following the Acquisition by CINVEN CeramTec Group
2013-11-18 2013 Heinz Mittelmeier Research Prize awarded in Berlin Plochingen
2013-11-04 Grinding, Mixing and Dispersing with Tools made from wear-resistant Zirconium Oxide Plochingen
2013-10-28 Social commitment with a local focus – Donations presented to charities in October CeramTec Group
2013-10-16 CeramTec wins Best-of Prize of the Materialica Design + Technology Award Lohmar
2013-10-04 Advanced Ceramics and structural Steel in an extreme Stress Test Plochingen
2013-09-23 CeramTec once again named “Supplier of the Year” Marktredwitz
2013-09-16 CeramTec testing and calibration laboratories accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard Plochingen
2013-09-10 New SPK® solutions for high-performance machining of workpieces Ebersbach
2013-09-05 Training Start 2013 at CeramTec CeramTec Group
2013-09-01 CeramTec Group with CINVEN as new Owner beginning September 1st CeramTec Group
2013-08-26 Think in new Dimensions – Advanced Ceramics in Automotive Engineering CeramTec Group
2013-08-07 Upper Franconian government to provide 11.5 million Euro in funding for construction project Marktredwitz
2013-07-31 Machining with Advanced Ceramic Cutting Materials for various Industry Segments Ebersbach
2013-07-12 CeramTec Opens New Plant in China Suzhou
2013-07-01 EFORT Industry Award 2013 for CeramTec Plochingen
2013-06-24 CeramTec Runners take part in the J.P. Morgan Company and Charity Run CeramTec Group
2013-06-19 CeramTec Group Goes to CINVEN CeramTec Group
2013-06-17 Rockwood Holdings Inc. and CINVEN sign Purchase Contract CeramTec Group
2013-05-03 Compact, robust and waterproof – PZT Actuators with Resistance against exposure to Humidity Lauf
2013-04-26 Ceramaseal® at the SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing Exhibition Laurens
2013-04-16 CeramTec is a lecturer at the 2013 seminar series hosted by the Technical Ceramics Information Center CeramTec Group
2013-04-08 Pioneers in Advanced Ceramics Technology CeramTec Group
2013-03-26 Construction Begins on Major Project in Marktredwitz Marktredwitz
2013-03-08 Naturally beautiful Teeth made from highly translucent Zirconia Plochingen
2013-02-15 Around the World of Ceramics in Eight Minutes CeramTec Group
2013-02-11 Ceramics Group to invest Euro 80 Million in existing Plant Marktredwitz
2013-02-05 Perfect opening Event at Four Hills Tournament on CeramTec Ceramic Track System Lohmar
2013-01-29 CeramTec welcomes State Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Plochingen
2013-01-28 CeramTec North America at SPIE Photonics West 2013 Exhibition Laurens
2013-01-21 Explore the World of Advanced Technical Ceramics at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions CeramTec Group
2013-01-15 Brent Pahach is the new President of CeramTec North America Laurens
2013-01-11 Over one million BIOLOX® Components produced in a single business Year Plochingen
2013-01-07 Thomas Heise succeeds Peter Schröter as Divison Manager within the CeramTec Group Marktredwitz