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Stuttgart “Tatort” Filmed at CeramTec in Plochingen Airs March 4th

Shards Bring Good Luck

Actor Richy Müller and director Johannes Grieser (right) filming a “Tatort” scene on CeramTec company grounds.

CeramTec takes center stage on German TV station ARD March 4th at 8:15 pm. That's when the Stuttgart edition of “Tatort” – the most popular German crime series – will air. One of the key locations for filming this episode early last summer was CeramTec's Plochingen site, whose name changed into “Imberger Keramik” for four days. On the first Sunday in March this year, detectives Lannert and Bootz stand in front of “shattered remains”, which is the title of the episode [Germany title "Scherbenhaufen"].

This episode filmed by director Johannes Grieser tells the story of business owner Otto Imberger, who is nearly assassinated in an attempt on his life. The businessman survives, but his driver is killed in the attack. The team of investigators begins their work and soon discovers that there is a power struggle going on within the family as to who will succeed in taking over the business. Lannert and Bootz, played by Felix Klare and Richy Müller, take part in a risky undercover operation to bring order to the “shattered remains”.

A few lucky CeramTec employees got to make an appearance as some of the many extras that were used in the shooting.