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CeramTec Receives 2012 Löhn Award

Steinbeis Foundation’s Award Honors CeramTec BIOLOX® App

The Steinbeis Foundation bestowed its Löhn Award, the Transfer Award for outstanding projects involving competitive technology and knowledge transfer between science and business, on CeramTec in Stuttgart on September 28th. The award was given to CeramTec and the Steinbeis Transfer Technical Communication Center partner – Paracam, Salach, who shared the cash prize of €20,000 for forward-looking, innovative, transfer oriented projects.

Die Preisträger Heinrich Wecker, Florence Petkow (beide CeramTec) und Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer (Paracam)

The Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award was presented in front of 550 invited guests at the Steinbeis Day evening event, which took place at the Stuttgart Culture and Congress Center Liederhalle. It honors outstanding projects involving competitive technology transfer between science and business and is bestowed on Steinbeis companies and their project partners every year. The success of a project is measured using the two key criteria quality of the transfer process and identifiable transfer potential. The CeramTec Medical Products division fulfilled both of these criteria with its BIOLOX® App. Both project managers, Heinrich Wecker and Florence Petkow, accepted the award amid enthusiastic applause on the stage at the event.

Honorary Curator Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Johann Löhn hands the Löhn Award 2012 to Heinrich Wecker (CeramTec)

Smartphones and tablets have further expanded the possibilities of digital publishing. Alongside existing operating system requirements, however, the apps must also be developed in a separate programming environment for each device. As Internet and desktop solutions are added, businesses quickly reach their internal limits when they attempt to deliver their message to the digital world without losing parts of their audience along the way. For CeramTec, being the global market leader in ceramic components for hip joint replacement systems means rising to the challenge of informing nearly 50,000 surgeons around the world of the properties of its BIOLOX® advanced ceramics and special surgical techniques and providing them with training on applying this technology in the field. It is no longer possible to effectively target this audience using traditional media alone. This is why CeramTec developed the BIOLOX® App in cooperation with the Steinbeis Transfer Technical Communication Center – Paracam, headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer (who works full-time at Aalen University). Numerous animations, videos of surgical procedures and additional media demonstrate the correct implantation procedure for BIOLOX® components. All of the animations and the interactive interface were produced by the Steinbeis Transfer Technical Communication Center – Paracam. The most extraordinary part: The Steinbeis team developed a platform-neutral workflow that enables developers to create smartphone, tablet, web and desktop applications – largely from a single programming environment, which is a time-saving, more affordable method that comes very close to achieving what is known as cross-media and single-source publishing.

The Steinbeis Foundation initiated and presented its very first Löhn Award in 2004 to honor the work of Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. mult. Johann Löhn, former chairman of the foundation and honorary curator today. The Steinbeis Foundation Transfer Award for outstanding technology transfer projects was presented for the ninth time this year, 2012, to three Steinbeis companies and their project partners: Alongside CeramTec and Paracam the prize was also awarded to the Steinbeis Transfer Center Embedded Design and Networking, Heitersheim and its collaborator PHYWE Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Göttingen as well as the Steinbeis Research Material Engineering Center Saarland (MECS), Saarbrücken and its partner Atotech Deutschland GmbH, Feucht. Special awards were presented to Sachihiko Kobori, President of Steinbeis Japan Inc. since 1999 and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eberhard Köhler for his many years of outstanding work in the field of technology transfer.

Steinbeis is active around the globe in real-world, application-oriented knowledge and technology transfer projects. The Steinbeis organization currently comprises around 900 Steinbeis companies as well as cooperation and project partners in 50 countries. The portfolio of services offered by professionally specialized Steinbeis companies within the organization includes consulting, research and development, education and training and analyses and expertise for all sectors of management and technology. Steinbeis companies are chiefly located in research institutes, universities and colleges, all of which represent original knowledge sources for Steinbeis. Around 5,800 experts contribute to practically oriented knowledge and business transfer. The Stuttgart-based Steinbeis Foundation, established in 1971, is the umbrella organization of the Steinbeis organization.

The CeramTec BIOLOX® App is available for iOS devices like iPads and iPhones or for Android tablets and smartphones.