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Glass-ceramic Connectors for Ultra high vacuum Applications

New Ceramaseal® Push & Pull and BNC Connectors

The ability to quickly connect and disconnect electrical signals from high-end analytical equipment is a requirement in the life sciences industry segment. CeramTec North America introduced its version of Ceramaseal® push & pull connectors in single and four pin configurations. The data gathered from testing partners show superior performance to that of the ones currently available in the market. Key factors that differentiate this product are vacuum levels and operating temperatures.

These new types of connectors are offered as weldable and in typical flange mounted configurations. The main technology driver for this product is the use of stainless steel components coupled with Ceramaseal® glass-ceramic insulators. This product hast to withstand over 1000 cycles of mating engagement. Typical applications include modern analytical equipment capable of producing real time date acquisition, mass spectroscopy, isotopic and dynamic range, carbon/sulfur analyzers, etc. the market for this feedthrough is expanding due to the elevated levels of vacuum required to improve the efficiency of the analyzers.

Another successful transition was made with a single and double ended Bayonet Neil Concelman (BNC) connector. These connectors use stainless steel, Ceramaseal® glass ceramic and Inconel® to produce a connector capable of sustaining 500 VDC, 1 Amp of current, and cryogenic temperatures down to 4 Kelvin. The BNC Ceramaseal® connectors are capable of operating with a 50 Ohm matched impedance and up to 12 GHz frequency. These types of connectors have a broad range of applications from semiconductor instrumentation to optical devices such as high-end cameras used for monitoring and surveillance.