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Advanced Ceramics for Electronic Applications wins Vishay Supplier Award

CeramTec awarded as "Supplier of the Year 2011"

The CeramTec "ceramic resistor core" team led by Product Manager Rüdiger Herrmann,
Production Manager Gerhard Günthner and Coordinator Astrid Reinsch

Vishay, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of semiconductors and passive components for the electronics industry, presented the CeramTec Electronic Applications division with its “Supplier of the Year” award. Vishay presents this award to key suppliers whose components are incorporated in Vishay products and thus have a direct impact on their quality. CeramTec primarily supplies Vishay with billions of advanced ceramic resistor cores for cylindrical and flat chip resistors.

Some of the deciding factors for the award were reliability, outstanding cooperation, excellent quality and perfect service. The award is both an honor and motivation for CeramTec: with its new products and advanced ceramic materials, CeramTec looks forward to continuing the collaboration and partnership it has enjoyed for over 50 years and hopes to bring the award back home again soon for the third time after winning it first in 2006 and now again in 2011.


Frank Krabbe, Senior Director of "Quality Assurance" at the Vishay unit Dralonic/Beyschlag Heide, presented the 2011 Supplier of the Year Award to Dr. Alexander Dohn, Head of the CeramTec Electronic Applications Division