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CeramTec in Spain – Spanish-language website online

Subsidiary CeramTec Ibérica, S.L.
Featuring a New Design

CeramTec’s subsidiary CeramTec Ibérica, S.L. is now presented in the look of the international websites. The website features material information, downloads and recommended contacts that leads visitors from the Spanish and Portuguese market who are interested in technical ceramics to the desired information quickly and directly.

The new home page of CeramTec Suzhou Ltd.

From Aluminum Oxide, over Piezo-ceramics to Zirconium Oxide – The material area features comprehensive information on the advanced ceramics CeramTec offers.

Completely localized material information

The area “markets” offers the range of CeramTec products, structured by the five markets Automotive, Electronics, Energy & Environment, Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

Structured product range by markets

Nearly every area offers individuell download materials together with responsible contact persons in Barcelona, Spain.

Our presence in the Spanish and Portuguese market