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38 new trainees at the German sites

Training Start 2012 at CeramTec

CeramTec welcomed a total of 38 new trainees at the German sites in Plochingen, Lauf and Marktredwitz who began their professional education and training to become Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Clerks, Industrial Ceramics Specialists, Computer Science Specialists, Machine and Equipment Operators, Industrial Electronics Engineers and Technical Product Designers. There are over 100 young trainees employed at CeramTec in Germany.

CeramTec understands the importance of providing young people with qualified training programs. Trainees strongly identify with the company and are key to its future success when they complete their training and take on special tasks within the Group. The dual apprenticeship program is an important building block in HR development at CeramTec and ensures that we have enough qualified workers. CeramTec wishes all of the new trainees a successful start to their careers!