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Minimum Wear and Maximum Process Reliability

New SPK® S3 Carrier Tool and Clamping System
for Series and Mass Machining


Minimum wear
on the clamping finger after 370,000 brake discs

CeramTec is presenting a new SPK® carrier tool and clamping system for metal machining at AMB 2012. This system has proven its powerful performance in practical tests: In an application scenario that involved rough machining a brake disc, 370,000 brake discs with HPC cutting data were machined with absolute process reliability using a clamping finger that operated directly in areas with flying chips. After the procedure the clamping finger exhibited only minor signs of wear, i.e. it had not yet reached the end of its tool life.

This is made possible thanks to a new SPK® clamping technology called Optimal Distributed Clamping Force (ODC Force), which optimally distributes force for process reliable clamping. When used in combination with SPK® IKS-PRO notch technology this brings the clamping force to the front of the insert center, thus preventing the insert from rising in the insert seating with outstanding process reliability even under demanding operating conditions. Moreover, these products also boast SPK® Easy-Change technology.

The SPK® S3 clamping system features Heat-Protector technology as standard: The system’s shim is made of advanced ceramics, thus allowing it to simultaneously provide thermal insulation, thereby minimizing transfer of heat. Optionally, the S3 can also be equipped with an integrated coolant supply.

With the newly developed SPK® S3 carrier tool and clamping system, CeramTec is presenting visitors to AMB 2012 an advanced machining tool that raises the bar when it comes to process reliability and tool life.