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Ten-Second-Art at CeramTec

roboPix – The robot that creates works of art


In the last week of July, the roboPix painting robot showcased its extraordinary artistic capabilities during a vernissage at the CeramTec Plochingen site, fascinating not only interested employees but also invited guests. In a live performance the painting robot team demonstrated how “Action-Art” is created. The robot’s painting arm is filled with the desired color and a smartphone app is used to execute the painting strokes.

Up to four artists can operate the app simultaneously via their smartphones. The movements are executed by hand and recorded in just ten seconds. Immediately afterward, roboPix sprays the paint onto a canvas. The technology enabled CeramTec CEO Dr. Zimmermann and his Executive Board colleague Rolf-Michael Müller, Plochingen Mayor Frank Buss and Kreissparkasse Esslingen Chairman Franz Scholz to create a ten-second work of art in the CeramTec colors red and blue.

The roboPix team, of which CeramTec employee Marita Raschke is also a member, is exhibiting many more impressive ten-second works of art at CeramTec in Plochingen until mid-September to demonstrate the painting robot’s artistic versatility. 10-second art is the result of a joint research project at the University of Stuttgart and illustrates the area of ​​research in human-computer interaction and visualization to a broad audience.