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Plochingen, 2011-08-12

CeramTec Named Esslingen ECOPROFIT® Company

ECOPROFIT® Esslingen 2010/2011 Project participants

With “Environmental protection with benefits” as its motto, the environmental consulting program called ECOPROFIT® (ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental Technology) aims to combine natural conservation with effectively implemented environmental projects. ECOPROFIT® is a cooperation between communities and companies to implement Local Agenda 21 and was introduced by the city of Esslingen in 2000 as the first city in Baden-Württemberg on the initiative of volunteers from the agenda group of the same name. ECOPROFIT® projects are now underway in around 90 other communities in Germany as well as internationally and are based on the participants' self-commitment and efforts to promote the establishment of sustainable practices with three main focuses:

Ecology: Using environmental technologies and reducing the consumption of resources,
Economy: Lowering operating costs and using innovative technologies
Society: Protecting/creating jobs, motivating employees and improving work safety.

The CeramTec ECOPROFIT® Project Group
Stephan Kaiser and Frank Reichel

In July 2010 CeramTec entered the ECOPROFIT® Esslingen 2010/2011 project for the first time and put together an environmental program (just like the other participating companies) that included single measures, some of which had already been completed, related to energy/emissions, raw materials/waste, water/wastewater as well as organizational measures on the topic of “corporate environmental protection”. All of the companies that take part in ECOPROFIT® have already made extensive efforts in the past in the area of environmental protection.

Companies that join ECOPROFIT® for the first time usually look for short-term measures that do not require large investments, such as increasing employee awareness. Various workshops were an integral part of the project with such topics as environmental policy and environmental teams, waste, energy, hazardous substances and water, legal considerations and eco-friendly purchasing, environmental management and controlling or safety at work and mobility. Sharing information and past experiences with other companies and experts was also an important aspect.

Increasing staff awareness and conducting employee surveys helped CeramTec identify areas with great savings potential and also find ways to make improvements to existing measures. Areas identified as having potential were, among others, in the generation and efficient handling of compressed air, the optimization of cooling systems, and in heat recovery from production processes. The following was implemented and tested by an ECOPROFIT® commission on July 11 over the course of the project:

  • Installation of a ventilation system with heat recovery for the ovens used in dental ceramics production
  • Project planning and installation of a central cooling system with integrated cooling for a new clean room, laser systems, instrument room and laser room Medical Products division
  • Reduction of disposal costs with a new bid invitation
  • Ensuring that any exhaust systems not in use are switched off on the weekends

Handover of the certificate by the mayor Dr. Jürgen Zieger (r.) and
Roland Zeiser (l.), chief officer Environmental Agency of the rural district

The annual savings (measured in resource units) achieved thanks to these ECOPROFIT® measures at CeramTec amount to 275,000 kWh of energy and 170,225 kg of CO2 emissions, which will save 105,000 euros per year. On July 26, after successfully completing the project, Esslingen Mayor Dr. Jürgen Zieger and Roland Zeiser, Chief Officer at the Esslingen District Environmental Office, named CeramTec an Esslingen ECOPROFIT® Company.

SC Technology thanks all who participated for their input and hard work. Corporate environmental protection and the potential for savings that results will continue to be an important and ongoing theme at CeramTec. You will find more information about the ECOPROFIT® environmental consulting program in the 2010/2011 Report on results.