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Plochingen, 2011-05-24

TV detectives follow a hot lead to company site in Plochingen

CeramTec changes into "Imberger Keramik."

Some Plochingen residents were puzzled and confused last weekend when they saw that CeramTec GmbH had become "Imberger Keramik" overnight. What had happened? Was there a hostile takeover? The site had indeed been taken over on Friday, May 20th. But there was no hostility involved, just the "Tatort" team from SWR television filming scenes for the popular German crime series.

When director Johannes Grieser and his team were looking for a medium-sized advanced ceramics manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg only CeramTec GmbH in Plochingen was considered. But before they could begin filming the "Tatort" scenes they had to take a number of precautions. All CeramTec logos had to be covered or replaced with the fictitious company name "Imberger Keramik". The film experts spent four days making sure that all of the logos were changed to the "fake" company name – all the way to the gate. For weeks they set up props, looked for the perfect places to film and chose extras. When everything was finally ready the 40-person film crew arrived.

Scene with Richy Müller and director Johannes Grieser (right).

They filmed scenes in which detectives Lannert and Bootz (played by actors Felix Klare and Richy Müller) carry out investigations on the company site of business owner Otto Imberger (played by Otto Mellies) after shots had been fired at the proprietor. Imberger wants to change his main business and retool production from chinaware to industrial ceramics and the Plochingen-based manufacturer for advanced ceramics offered the perfect backdrop for the story.

Many CeramTec employees watched the production at the company site – and some of them were even offered roles as extras. The atmosphere was very easy going with the actors making small talk with employees during the breaks and gladly giving autographs or letting people take their picture. Richy Müller made sure to get a detailed understanding of how advanced ceramics are produced. Both he and the rest of the crew were impressed at the wide range of applications in which CeramTec products are used and how many different ceramic components are manufactured at the site. After wrapping up the last scenes late Monday night the caravan continued on its way and "Imberger Keramik" changed back to CeramTec GmbH overnight.

When the Stuttgart "Tatort" provisionally titled "Das große Ganze" (roughly: "The big picture") will be aired is yet to be determined.