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CeramTec offers test center for optimized wire production process

Focus on Custom Solutions

As a long-standing partner to the wire manufacturing industry, CeramTec AG is embarking on new roads with the introduction of a test center. Instead of just delivering the components, the company now also offers customers a unique service: On site, in Plochingen, the ceramic experts work together with customers to determine the various influences on the friction between wire drawing tools and wire. This information is then used to optimize the wire drawing process for customers.

“CeramTec bietet Testcenter für optimierten Drahtproduktionsprozess

In practice this means that the customer specifies the drawing tools, the wire and the coolants, and CeramTec uses testing devices to simulate the processes on the wire drawing machine. To do this the drawing tool is mounted on the shaft of a gear motor with variable speed. The wire is wrapped around the drawing tool, and a weight is added to one end. The other end of the wire is connected to a load cell whose signals are amplified using a measuring amplifier. Variable parameters during the process include the surface of the drawing tool, its material, the coolant used, as well as the wire and the coating. In addition, the optimum speed of the tool shaft is tested, the wrap angle of the wire on the drawing tool is checked and the interchangeability of wires and drawing tools is taken into account. The simulations are performed until all parameters are perfectly aligned and the customer is satisfied with the results. Determining the friction coefficient between drawing tools and wire along with the basic research in the areas of slip and friction increase the cost-effectiveness of wire production for customers.

At the end of the series of tests the customer receives a computer-aided analysis of the results, which he can use as a reference to optimize future wire production. CeramTec also uses the findings from the processes, and incorporates these in product development. This offer from CeramTec is an additional service compared to competing manufacturers that addresses new customers and interested parties. It is completely tailored to the customer's needs to test the effects of ceramic drawing tools on wire production. The customer works in close collaboration with a company that not only produces advanced ceramics, but also brings a great understanding of technology to the table – especially with regard to wire drawing. In this way CeramTec is able to ensure after the tests that the production process with the ceramic drawing rings perfectly meets the requirements.

The development of the test center is the ceramic experts' response to the numerous inquiries by customers as to whether there are scientific findings concerning the interaction between the surface and material of the wire drawing tools, the wire and the lubricants used. The lack of answers to these questions in the technical literature available motivated the experts in Plochingen to close this gap themselves.

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