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Marktredwitz, Germany, May 15, 2009

Official Inauguration of “CeramTec-Platz”

Official Inauguration of “CeramTec-PlatzOn May 12th Plochingen Mayor Frank Buss and CeramTec CEO Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann officially inaugurated the traffic circle at the Plochingen city limit, unveiling its new name “CeramTec-Platz”.

After welcoming numerous guests at the ceremony, city representatives and CeramTec’s management meeting group, Dr. Zimmermann spoke about the chronology of the restoration project for the once desolate Fabrikstrasse as well as the construction of the traffic circle planned with former Mayor Eugen Beck and financed in part by CeramTec. Zimmermann said that thanks to the project CeramTec, a leading company in the field of high-performance ceramics, now had a worthy access road.

Mayor Buss followed up on this, emphasizing that the new access road reflected the size and importance of CeramTec, which, he pointed out, was the city’s largest employer. He pointed to the good cooperation in restoring Fabrikstrasse and that he hoped CeramTec would continue making tax contributions, which would mean that CeramTec, producer of technical ceramics, continued to be profitable. Mayor Buss together with Dr. Zimmermann unveiled the new street sign with its official new name “CeramTec-Platz”.

The change of CeramTec’s address from “Fabrikstrasse” to “CeramTec-Platz” is underway; the exact address and date when the change will be effective will be announced at a later time.