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Plochingen, May 19, 2009

Press release: CeramTec is introduces premium-quality cartridge-system TRIDUON

Innovation helps counter stagnation: CeramTec, until now best known as a supplier of seal and regulator discs to the sanitary fittings industry, is expanding its range of products and now supplies the fittings industry with TRIDUON, a complete cartridge system.

CeramTec is introduces premium-quality cartridge-system TRIDUON

“Sanitary fittings manufacturers are focusing more on producing fittings and want to purchase the inner workings from a supplier,” says Julie Thomson, product manager at CeramTec. “Mixed cartridges from Asia and Eastern Europe have not met certain manufacturers’ expectations – and this is precisely where we excel. We can meet these demands and deliver outstanding quality – made in Germany.” Cartridges are at the heart of every sanitary fitting. They regulate the amount of water that leaves the tap and ensure the correct water temperature. More than 20 individual parts made from metal, synthetics, rubber and ceramics are combined and must therefore be pressure and temperature resistant to ensure that they can compensate for improper control within the domestic water system – cheap cartridges have huge deficits in this area. If the cartridge cannot withstand these pressures and fails, expensive water damages are the inevitable result. CeramTec can virtually eliminate failures. Pressure peaks of over 50 bar have been measured in domestic water systems; TRIDUON cartridges can withstand pressure peaks of up to 70 bar and temperature peaks of up to 100°C. The cartridges are activated 4.5 million times during testing to ensure that the actuation forces remain constantly low for the entire service life of the fitting and that temperature regulation remains simple, even after decades of use. TRIDUON offers the largest “comfort zone” of any other comparable cartridge. The cartridges make it possible to precisely regulate temperatures between 34°C and 42°C. Temperature limiters and water-saving features are optionally available for all cartridges. CeramTec fulfilled the technical requirements for its entry into the new market segment through its acquisition of the cartridges division from Ideal Standard in Wittlich, a city located in the Rhineland-Palatinate. “Both the development and manufacturing expertise were present. The creation of a competence center for cartridges and valve technology with its own development division and a modern testing center enable us to guarantee excellent quality and flexibility,” adds Thomson.