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CeramTec offers welding centering pins in new coloring

It’s all over for gray against gray – black ceramics as a visual contrast to metal

Stuttgart/Plochingen, August 7, 2009 Welding centering pins made of high-performance ceramics show themselves to be especially strong. CeramTec now offers them made in black. The practical use: the dark ceramics are set off visually from the metal and thereby support precise work.

Welding centering pins black
Welding centering pins black: For images in higher resolution for print and Web please visit our Press Center.

Till now ceramic welding centering pins from CeramTec have been approximately the same color as the metal to be worked. Now they are also available in black – a clear visual change that facilitates more exact welding. The dark color allows better visual distinction between the pin and the metal.

For the creation of the centering pins, the Plochingen materials specialists have developed their own material, which is particularly strong. Because of the general high degree of hardness and durability, ceramics are marked by resistance to temperature change and minimal wear and tear. For example, ceramic welding centering pins show lifetimes 40 times greater than those made of metal. Using silicium nitride SL 200B, CeramTec was able to increase the life even further. It is now five times greater than that of centering pins made from the most commonly used zirconium oxide.