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Plochingen, 2009-10-02

Reopening of the “Technical Ceramics” exhibition
at the Deutsches Museum in Munich

Reopening of the “Technical Ceramics” exhibition at the Deutsches Museum in Munich

On September 29th the Deutsches Museum (German Museum) in Munich celebrated the reopening of its freshly renovated, newly redesigned and modernized “Technical Ceramics” exhibition. CeramTec board member Rolf-Michael Müller, head of the Ceramics Industry Association (VKI) congratulated the director-general of the museum Prof. Dr. Heckl on a successful reopening and expressed his thanks to all of the museum staff members involved, the support association and the Ceramics Industry Association member firms who provided the museum with exhibition pieces.

In his opening speech Prof. Dr. Heckl emphasized the significance of the Deutsches Museum as a knowledge mediator for natural science and technology. Above all, the goal is to illustrate these topics for young audiences, get young people excited about the technology and inspire them to seek jobs in the industry in order to encourage and promote the growth of the next generation in Germany, who ultimately represent the foundation of the country’s future prosperity. With its wide range of applications, the field of technical ceramics makes a major contribution to technological advancements. “Ceramics are high-tech, from tiles to nanotechnology,” explained Prof. Heckl.

Rolf-Michael MüllerRolf-Michael Müller discussed the role of the Ceramics Industry Association in creating ideas, providing numerous exhibits and generating financial support. The Technical Ceramics exhibition at the Deutsches Museum, which surpasses every other museum as the ideal platform for high-tech products that are “Made in Germany,” increases the public’s awareness of largely unknown fields of use, without which many of the applications we take for granted today would not even be possible. The subject area of “Research and Development” within the exhibit sheds light on perspectives that lie in the development of technologically demanding products and solutions that help secure new markets and fields of use.

Numerous CeramTec products.

Numerous CeramTec products contribute to the illustrative presentation of technical ceramics application fields: From components for hip and knee joint prosthetics, substrates as circuit boards and parts for the electronics industry, to seal and regulator discs for sanitary fittings, innumerable components from automotive to piezo-ceramic parts are presented within the context of their respective applications Visitors to the Deutsches Museum in Munich will not want to miss this interesting presentation.