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Ebersbach, May 8, 2008

Secretary of State Dr. Dietrich Birk Visits Ebersbach

On April 25th, the Baden-Württemberg Secretary of State in the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts and Member of Parliament for the Göppingen voting district, Dr. Dietrich Birk, visited CeramTec in Ebersbach. Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann, CEO of the CeramTec Group, and Wolfgang Achterath, Manager of the SPK Tools Business Division in Ebersbach, welcomed the honored guest along with the Mayor of the City of Ebersbach, Mr. Edgar Wolff, and Ms. Brigitte Kreisinger, Parliament Chairperson for the CDU party in the Ebersbach city council.

The aim of the visit was to become better acquainted and to facilitate the exchange of information between the political and economic sectors. Dr. Dietrich Birk described CeramTec as a kind of beacon for the region, whose ceramic inserts for metalworking have made it the global market leader in this field. Birk expressed his intention to draw more attention to this fact. Edgar Wolff emphasized the significance of CeramTec as an employer for the city and talked about the even closer cooperation between the city and the company in a number of different sectors. Other topics of discussion included the company’s wide range of products, future perspectives for the business division and the CeramTec Group, the situation in the job market, training, collaboration with colleges and CeramTec’s affiliation with the American Rockwood Group. The visit concluded with a tour of the production facilities.

Touring the production facilities: Dr. Zimmermann, Wolfgang Achterath, Dr. Birk, Brigitte Kreisinger

Wolfgang Achterath explains the advantages of ceramic inserts in the test center: Wolfgang Achterath, Brigitte Kreisinger, Edgar Wolff, Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann, August Leins (Manager Test Center), Dr. Dietrich Birk (from left to right)