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Plochingen, 08.05.2008

Inauguration of the CeramTec Gyro in Plochingen

Plochingen’s city limit has a new look: On April 29th in a small, impromptu celebration, Mayor of Plochingen Eugen Beck and CeramTec CEO Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann , together with Rolf-Michael Müller, inaugurated the newly constructed traffic circle at the Plochingen city limit. The traffic circle will be known officially from now on as the ”CeramTec Kreisel“. The design was produced jointly by the city and CeramTec. Next to a work of art created by the Reichenbach artist Uwe Kahl and funded by CeramTec, capturing stylized versions of a ball head and disc insert from CeramTec’s product range, there now stands an artistic welcoming column that the city’s marketing department uses to announce special events in Plochingen. The total cost of the project runs to approx. 50,000.- euros, which is shared between the city and CeramTec.

In his short address, Mayor Beck thanked the CeramTec company for their flexibility and spontaneity in arranging the small inauguration celebration on his penultimate working day as Mayor before he goes into retirement. These were some of the characteristics that distinguished the good working relationship between Plochingen and CeramTec, for which he was grateful during his time in office. The most visible signs of the collaboration, he continued, were the refurbishment of the road up to the factory and of course now the traffic circle, where the successful CeramTec organization will now promote itself and make its presence in Plochingen known.

Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann also thanked Mayor Beck for the excellent cooperation. At the entrance to Plochingen, he added, there is now a symbol of a very successful CeramTec product, which has been supplied from Plochingen all over the world for more than 30 years. In conclusion, he wished Mr. Beck all the best for his retirement.

Afterwards, Mayor Eugen Beck, Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann, Rolf Michael Müller and city building chief Mr Sättele unveiled the CeramTec work of art together, thereby symbolizing their cooperation.