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Special Exhibition “Glitter, Glimmer, Hip Replacements –
Minerals that Move the World” at the Stuttgart Museum of Natural History

The Stuttgart State Museum of Natural History in the Rosenstein Castle Museum will be presenting a special exhibition under the title "Glitter, Glimmer, Hip Replacements - Minerals that Move the World" until May 13th. This exhibition offers insight into a broad range of topics in the fascinating world of minerals.

Above all, the beautiful side of the colourful stones will be featured under the title “Glitter and Glimmer”. The exhibition will also demonstrate the fact that not only the rich and beautiful enjoy adorning themselves with these treasures, which have grown over millions of years in the bosom of the earth – in a process where the slower they grow, the more magnificent the stones become. A particular highlight: some of the 35,000 pieces that make up the Museum of Natural History’s collection passed from royal ownership. The Russian Czar’s daughter Olga, Queen of Württemberg systematically collected minerals, of which the most beautiful are displayed in the exhibition.

But the exhibition also touches on the high-tech aspect of minerals and demonstrates that they represent an important economic factor as well. This economic influence is seen less among jewellers and more in the industrial sector due to the fact that minerals are pervasively used as a basis for high-performance materials. Concrete examples for the many, versatile areas of industrial use here are also various CeramTec products such as ceramic components for hip and knee joints, seals and regulating discs for sanitary fittings or ceramic cutting inserts for high-performance machining of cast iron and hardened steel, which, in the final analysis, are based on mineral raw materials.

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