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Plochingen, 31st July 2007

CeramTec knee component the focus of opening ceremony

Operation on a model: Minister-President Dr. Harald Ringstorff
and Professor Dr. Wolfram Mittelmeier

The ceremonial handing over of the keys took place at the end of June: Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s Minister-President Dr. Harald Ringstorff handed over the facility that was recently renovated and reconstructed for a total of 2.4 million Euros to the Medical Director of the University Clinic of Rostock, Professor Peter Schuff-Werner. One of the highlights of the festivities was a knee operation performed by the Minister-President on a model using a ceramic knee component from CeramTec.

CeramTec Sales Manager for Medical Technology Germany, Heinrich Wecker (left) looks
on as Prof. Mittelmeier explains the joint prosthesis systems to the ministerial line-up

It took two years to construct this ultra-modern site for orthopedics with 2 operating rooms, 50 beds and an adjacent research complex. New materials and implant systems are now being tested and developed here thanks to the synergy between science and medicine, between the clinic and biomechanical research laboratory. This has already enabled the Rostock clinic to implant 10 ceramic knee components within the scope of a Europe-wide multi-center application observation being conducted at a variety of universities and specialized clinics in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. These components are one of CeramTec’s latest developments in collaboration with the Italian endoprosthesis manufacturer LIMA Medical Systems.

Ceremonial handing over of the keys: Prof. Dr. Mittelmeier, Minister of Building
Structure Dr. Otto Ebnet, Minister of Education Henry Tesch, Minister-President
Dr. Harald Ringstorff

For Minister-President Dr. Harald Ringstorff, the new design of the medical facility is yet another step for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania on the way to becoming the leading German federal state in the area of healthcare. The orthopedic clinic is said to have already become an important national location in its area of specialty. The Director of the Orthopedic University Clinic, Professor Dr. Wolfram Mittelmeier, and his team have played an important part in this development. His areas of expertise include children’s orthopedics, endoprostheses in hip and knee joints, tumor and intervertebral disk treatments. Around 2,400 joint operations are performed yearly; endoprostheses with ceramic components have long become the standard in hip joint operations.

A ceramic knee component signed by the Minister-President