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Marktredwitz, 2007-11-23

CeramCool® ceramic heat-sink recognized as most innovative product

On Friday, November 9th, 2007, Dr. Alexander Dohn, Manager Electronics Division, accepted the coveted award for CeramTec AG: The newly developed CeramCool®, a ceramic heat-sink for high-power electronics, won the MX-Award for the best product innovation.

Dr. Alexander Dohn (middle) presenting the MX Award

CeramCool® is a newly developed ceramic heat-sink, which is specially designed for optimizing the thermal management of high-power electronic systems such as high-power LEDs for car headlamps. Thermal management means the requirement to dissipate the heat arising in electronic systems away from the sensitive electronic components, or in the case of a high-power LED, away from the LED itself. Up to now, in common high-power LED systems a wide range of different components and materials – for example heat-sinks made from metallic materials, plastics, adhesives and electrically insulating films – have had to be used in the overall construction to ensure adequate heat dissipation, which simultaneously translates into numerous production steps. With CeramCool®, the LED can be mounted directly on to the ceramic heat-sink. In addition to optimized thermal conductivity this means that the LED systems are smaller and easier to assemble, and their operating conditions are optimized, bringing simultaneous weight and cost savings. As a result, completely new opportunities are opened up for the use of LEDs.

CeramCool® – simple and smart solution for thermal management

The main objectives of the organizers of the Manufacturing Excellence Award are creating a communications platform for experts from the scientific and industrial communities, as well as promoting cross-industry cooperation for strengthening business competitiveness in international markets. Under the motto “Recognizing strengths – setting standards”, the MX-Award supports companies in positioning themselves in terms of innovation, quality and speed, and promotes these same principles. The annual MX Award recognizes pioneering best-practice solutions from German industry. In so doing, the MX Award intends to contribute to the strengthening of the medium-sized enterprise sector in particular, and to demonstrate the innovative capacity of Germany as a production location. Awards are made in the categories of process innovation, customer orientation, product innovation, best SME and the Overall Winner of the MX Award.

Overall winner in this year’s MX-Award competition was the Mercedes-Benz Engine Plant at Untertürkheim, which convinced the judges with a consistently high performance in all categories. The so-called start-up factory, in which new engines are built years before they go into full production, impressed the panel of judges the most. In the customer orientation category the Siemens Measurement Instrument plant in Berlin was the winner, and the Kautex-Textron company from Bonn was honored for the best process innovation. Of the small and medium-sized enterprises, the Von Ardenne Installation Engineering company from Dresden impressed the judges.

The Manufacturing Excellence Award was founded 25 years ago by the London-based Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), and in the past two decades has developed into the single most important prize in Great Britain for the processing industries. The body responsible for the German Manufacturing Excellence Awards presented for the past 3 years is a top-ranking board made up of representatives from science and business, under special direction of the Technical University Berlin, Logistics Division. Partners and promoters include SAP, Siemens, Thiel Logistik, Renishaw, Gildemeister, Dräger and Wassermann. President of the MX Board is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Raimund Klinkner, Honorary Professor of Production logistics at the Technical University in Berlin and CEO of Knorr-Bremse AG. The jury is chaired by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Straube of the Logistics Division of TU Berlin. The ‘Financial Times of Germany’ supports the prize as a media partner.