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Bavarian Prize for Innovation 2006

CeramTec receives recognition for
excellent achievements in innovation

Martktredwitz, June 6, 2006

On June 1, the Bavarian Prize for Innovation 2006 was awarded in Munich to eleven recipients from the Free State of Bavaria, among whom was CeramTec. The prize is awarded by the Bavarian State Government every two years to companies, teams, founders, or inventors for technological accomplishments. In making the presentations, the Bavarian Minister for the Economy, Erwin Huber, emphasized the high value placed on innovation in the economy and society.

CeramTec received the accolade of “Recognition for Excellent Achievements in Innovation” for a product of the Medical Products Division, “High-Strength Ceramic Components for Joint Implants,” whose strength was nearly doubled through the use of the newly developed mixed oxide ceramic, BIOLOX® delta. In the meantime, more than 30,000 ball heads made of this new ceramic have been implanted world-wide.

However, due to its properties, the material also opens up completely new fields of application in endoprosthetics: In hip joints it is now possible to use significantly thinner inserts, as a result of which ball head diameters can be larger. This greatly improves the patient's freedom of movement. The danger of luxation, i.e., a dislocating of the artificial joint, is significantly reduced. In addition, ceramic implants are being developed with the material BIOLOX® delta for knees and spinal disks, which are assisting the growing numbers of patients that are allergic to metal. The pilot production of spinal disk implants will begin this year in Marktredwitz.

Dr. Ulf-D. Zimmermann (r.), Chairman of the Board of
Directors of CeramTec, accepts the certificate from the
Bavarian Minister for the Economy, Erwin Huber.