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Black Boxes Project at Bremen:

BIOLOX® Ball in the Hands of German President Horst Köhler

Plochingen, July 20, 2005 / As part of a project led by Bremen University called Black Boxes , scientific themes were transported to different parts of the city of Bremen. Researchers brought one theme at a time close enough to touch in 16 containers.

Literally, since touching was allowed and audience participation and questions were welcome. The topics included bioceramics, genetics, marine research, logistics, perception research, microbiology, cultural studies, space travel and art.

The black box on bioceramics included exhibits from CeramTec. German President Horst Köhler attended the opening of the event and appeared to be fascinated by the properties and application possibilities of bioceramics, while studying the different containers – in particular the BIOLOX® ball for orthopedic hip joints.