Ceramic Navels for Open-End (OE) Yarn Spinning

Increased Processing Stability with Ceramic Components

Tried and tested millions of times over – ceramic navels from CeramTec perform key functions in the spinning boxes of all well-known rotor spinning machines in open-end yarn production.

Properties of Ceramic Navels at a Glance:

  • Good wear and corrosion resistance
  • Ultrapure 99.7% Al2O3 alumina ceramics
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Special navel designs:
    • Straight notched versions
    • Spiral notched versions
    • Crescent-shaped notch versions
    • With built-in cross-shaped exit hole
    • Various geometries for customer requirements
  • A variety of surfaces:
    • High-gloss polish
    • Various grades for different applications

In open-end (OE) spinning CeramTec navels have a substantial influence on spinning stability, hairiness and twist as well as on the essential nominal specifications of OE yarns. The extreme hardness of ceramic navels ensures superior process stability in spinning.

Additional Ceramic Components for Rotary Spinning Machines:

  • Shoe-type and slotted traverse guides
  • Bent navels
  • Exit inserts with cross-shaped webs

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