Technical ceramics in endoprosthetics and medical devices

Advanced Ceramics in Medical Technology

Advanced ceramics provide reliable services for medical engineering devices as well as for orthopaedic components and dental implants.

Advanced Ceramics in Medical Technology

Ceramics in Orthopaedics

CeramTec BIOLOX® bioceramics are used successfully in orthopedics and help maintain and increase quality of life with implant components for artificial hip joints and knee replacements.

Biocompatible and wear-resistant advanced ceramics enable doctors to provide patients with optimum care and help patients master the challenges of everyday life again. Today, a hip joint replacement featuring CeramTec BIOLOX® components is implanted every 30 seconds by doctors around the world.

Ceramics in Dentistry

Tooth replacement with biologically harmless implant materials continues to grow in popularity due to the enhanced aesthetic outcome. Accordingly, the demand for suitable alternatives to titanium alloys is increasing. Thanks to the natural coloring and excellent biocompatibility more and more implantologists and patients show a preference for solutions based on ceramic implant materials.

Ceramics and components for Medical Devices and Equipment

CeramTec advanced ceramics are also at work in all kinds of medical devices and equipment, such as ultrasonic tools, infusion pumps, dialysis machines and diagnostic equipment.