SPK® Tools for Productivity

Tools + Technology + Application = More Productivity at Lower Costs

In modern-day workpiece machining there are many other factors besides the cutting process that lead to optimized machining. The growing technological and economic challenges require highly efficient machining processes.

The productivity experts at SPK® developed the “Tools for Productivity” program for precisely this reason: To raise productivity and cut costs in machining. Many of today’s specific applications already follow this formula:

Tools + Technology + Application = more productivity at lower costs

The SPK® productivity compass is a visible sign of this and a seal of quality. It’s a seal you can trust.

Increased productivity in machining:
The SPK® “Productivity-Book” shows you how it works

Enhance your performance in machining and request the SPK® “Productivity Book” with true productivity gains with SPK® for hard turning, milling and grooving. CeramTec uses case studies to show you what is possible when you optimize all components in the machining process with SPK® Tools for Productivity. For example, you can increase the number of pieces machined between resharpenings by up to 1,500% and cut processing times by over 35% when you machine hardened steel components with the SPK® HD-LINE.

If you’d like to receive a copy of the SPK® “Productivity Book”, just send us an email with your shipping address. .

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