Technical Ceramics: The latest generation of materials at IAA 2015

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Advanced Ceramics Drive the Auto World

In the automotive industry, the rapid pace of technical progress paired with the extreme demands on durability and longevity require the use of materials with correspondingly versatile properties – the ideal realm for advanced ceramics. At the IAA (International Motor Show) from September 15th–18th, CeramTec is showcasing a wide variety of products which are either already found in today’s automobiles or in their production.

“Take advantage of this opportunity –meet the Ceramic Experts at the
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The automotive industry benefits in many ways from the fascinating properties of ceramic materials. Whether in engine construction, vehicle electronics, in bearings and rollers, as sealing materials or in the production and machining of vehicle components – ceramic tools, parts and components from the Ceramic Experts are ideal for many different applications.

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CeramTec at IAA Cars Frankfurt 2015

  • September 17–27, 2015
  • Hall 4.1, Stand C26
  • CeramTec exhibition only during the press and trade days:
  • Press days: September 15–16, 2015
  • Trade days: September 17–18, 2015
  • Ceramic Applications

    Innovative Materials for Innovative Automobiles

    Inspiration Advanced Ceramics

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    • Language: PDF, 1.3 MB

Examples for the use of advanced ceramics in vehicle and automotive engineering

Piezo-ceramic components act as sensors for electronic controls and provide them with information on the vehicle’s quiet engine operation, position and changes in direction.

Electronic components based on ceramic substrates react to this information and control motor management, safety systems like ABS and ASR and release the airbag when necessary.

In engines heat-resistant ceramic parts like valve components, backings in the crankshaft housing and components for water and fuel pumps ensure increased efficiency, less wear and lower noise emission.

Ceramic-metal composites open up a world of new possibilities in light metal construction.

Modern halogen, xenon or LED light systems with ceramic components significantly improve visibility.

The use of SPK® ceramic cutting materials and precision tools in automotive manufacturing ensures the efficient production of vehicle components.

Advanced Ceramics in the Automotive Industry


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Valve Plates

in the Common Rail Injection System

Piezoceramic Ring

to generate Signals in the Knock Sensor

Foundry Cores

for Piston Casting

Ceramic Tapes CeramTape©

for the Production of Hybrides in Electronic Control Systems and Lambda Sensors

Resistor Cores

for Resistors in Electronic Circuits

Inductor Cores

for Inductors in Electronic Circuits

Control Disc

in the ABS Modulator

Side Disc

in the Fuel Pump

Heat Sink CeramCool©

for LED Lighting Systems

Piezoceramic Disc

as Sender and Receiver of Signals in Distance Sensors

Riser Tuber

for Aluminium Casting of Alloy Rims

Gas Nozzles and Welding Pins

for MAG Welding in Auto Body Production


in the Exhaust Gas Control Valve

Insulation Parts

in the Lambda Sensor

Armor Ceramics

for Vehicle Protection

Insulating Rings

in Brake Callipers

Ceramic Cutting Materials SPK©

and Tooling Systems for machining Cast Iron and Hardened Steel for Brake Discs and Engine Block

Substrate for Oil-Sensors

to monitor Level and Pressure of Engine Oil

Base and Insulating Tube

for Halogen- and Xenon Lighting Technology


as Base for Electronic Control System for Xenon Lighting

Switching Spark Gap

for Xenon Lights


for Material Reinforcement and Lightweight Construction in Engine Design

Face Seals

in the Coolant Water Pump

CeramTec advanced ceramics play a vital role in increasing safety, cost-effectiveness and comfort in vehicle and automotive engineering.

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The Ceramic Experts in Hall 4.1, Stand C26

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
Are Nearly Everywhere.

CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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