CeramTec Standard S with Super Surface

Improved Friction Disc for polyamide filament Yarns

The Super Surface structure of Standard S friction discs is produced with a roughness of Ra 0.85 ± 0.15 µm. This is a further standard in the texturing of polyamide threads, set by CeramTec.

CeramTec Standard S mit Super Surface

For decades, CeramTec Standard friction discs have set the benchmark in the texturing of polyamide, with millions currently in use. Through further development of the surface quality, CeramTec has created a new surface structure that ensures excellent yarn values for polyamide.

By using the new CeramTec Standard S friction disc with Super Surface in the production of PA6.6, Dtex 78/68 it was possible to improve elongation by more than 6% and strength by more than 5 cN/tex compared to conventional friction discs. The tests were conducted on Barmag eFK machines at various yarn manufacturers with the setup 1/6/1.

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