EMO 2019 – Metalworking Fair (16. – 21.09.2019)

High performance machining for aerospace materials, cast iron and hardened steels

At the EMO 2019 CeramTec was exhibiting in Hall 3, booth C10 cutting solutions for machining heat-resistant superalloys such as used in aerospace, power and oil & gas generation, hardened steels and cast iron materials. In addition, CeramTec presented a selection from its broad product range of high-performance ceramics, e.g. for applications in forming technology and wear protection as well as solutions for welding technology, mechanical engineering and bearing technology.

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Powerful machining of heat-resistant superalloys

High-pressure tooling system

For heavy and medium turning of heat resistant superalloys (HRSA), as used in aerospace and power generation, the cutting materials LST320 and LKT 550 are developed. The grade LKM 840 is designed for medium milling of HRSA materials. The milling system PFKSRN and PFKRP together with the new high-pressure tooling system, working at a pressure up to 260 bar to ensure reliable chip breaking, are rounding off CeramTec’s product range for HRSA machining.

More process reliability while hard milling

At the EMO 2019, CeramTec will also present the new cutting material grade WXM 848 for hard milling. It is characterized by its new microstructure, which provides an increased impact strength and high edge stability to the grade WXM 848. Thus predestines this grade for hard milling. Cutting edge damage, such as chipping or sudden failure of the cutting edge in use can be significantly reduced. The process reliability in the application can be extremely increased. Likewise, the new microstructure leads to a uniform and constant wear behavior. High dimensional stability and consistently good surface finishes can be achieved with the WXM 848 over long milling paths.

The inserts made of WXM 848 are available in positive and negative versions as R-geometry with one side full-face PcBN layer. The inserts suitable for the milling tools PFKRN and PFKRP12 will make a milling system available, with which surface qualities of Rz 4 μm may be achieved in hard milling.

Cutting grade WXM 848

Do you know PERLUCOR®?

A ceramic that is as transparent as glass? Scratched glass surfaces, dull machine windows due to impact from hard substances, cloudy glasses in the case of thermal applications – PERCULOR® transparent ceramics reliably remedy these problems in the long-term.

Further information about PERLUCOR® is available at the CeramTec stand in Hall 3 Stand C10 at EMO 2019. Come and experience PERLUCOR® in action on rotating discs.

Are you looking for protection solutions using PERLUCOR®? Ceramics experts are on site! Take advantage of this opportunity and get to know the product for yourself.

Advanced Ceramics for Protection Against Wear and Corrosion – Wear and Corrosion Protection with ALOTEC®

ALOTEC® advanced ceramic is the basis for protecting industrial plants against wear and corrosion and is a highly specialized material for industrial corrosion and wear protection used throughout the world.

You can find further information at the EMO at the CeramTec booth C10 in hall 3 – or here. Are you looking for wear and corrosion protection solutions using ALOTEC®? Ceramics experts are on site! Take advantage of this opportunity and get to know the product for yourself.

Good to know:

CeramTec at EMO 2019

  • 16th to 21st of September
  • Trade Fair Hanover
  • Hall 3, Stand C10
  • Innovations for hard turning, milling and turning
  • High-performance ceramics in mechanical engineering and machining

EMO 2019 – The world of metalworking

CeramTec solutions for machining and metal processing can be found in Hall 3 Stand C10

Plan of the Hanover Fair

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Markets and Applications for CeramTec Products?
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CeramTec advanced ceramics offer so many advantages in so many different applications in a wide variety of markets. CeramTec products are used in Vehicle and Automotive Engineering, Electronics, Energy and Environment, Equipment and Mechanical Engineering, and Medical Technology.

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